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  • Picture of “my lecture” by my colleague Mathieu Vermeulen

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Noury Bouraqadi is a full professor at the IMT Lille Douai, France since 2001. His research addresses mobile and autonomous robots from two complementary perspectives: Software Engineering (SE) and (AI). From the SE perspective, he studies software architectures, languages and tools for controlling individual robots. He mainly focuses on reflective and dynamic languages, as well as component models, for a modular and agile development of robotic software architectures. From the AI perspective, he studies coordination and cooperation in robotic fleets. He mainly focuses on communication models as well as emerging or predefined organizations for multi-agent robotic systems.

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  2. Professor I was trying to load the PharoJS workspace and I keep on getting the error “JavaScript interpreter is NOT available”.

    On a fresh pharo 4.0 installation I:

    ConfigurationOfJavaScriptBridge loadBleedingEdge .
    workspace := JbWorkspaceForWeb open.

    The Metacello repository was created and opened. I am using Pharo on Ubuntu 15.04. Thank you for your help, I am very much interested in trying this out.

    Thanks again.


    • I bet you are using either windows or linux. I just introduced a fix to support multiple operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux). It added new dependencies to the project. Please reinstall PharoJS starting from the latest ConfigurationOfJavaScriptBridge.

      • I’m new to PharoJS. I just installed Pharo 4.0 (21.0). Then I immediately loaded ConfigurationOfJavaScriptBridge…

        Name: ConfigurationOfJavaScriptBridge-NouryBouraqadi.6
        Author: NouryBouraqadi
        Time: 16 July 2015, 4:31:20.196231 pm
        UUID: 99283460-3086-41f1-b10d-bd7ed82221a5
        Ancestors: ConfigurationOfJavaScriptBridge-NouryBouraqadi.5

        Added dependency to NewExternalWebBrowser


        Then I tried to evaluate ‘ConfigurationOfJavaScriptBridge loadBleedingEdge’ in the Playground. I got an “Error: JavaScript interpreter NOT available” and a partially rendered “WebSocket Log” page in my Chrome browser. As well, a window opens for ZnUnknownHttpMethod.

        I’m running OS X “Yosemite”.

        • Yes. Something is broken with the latest PharoJS code. To fix it, simply proceed and load the latest javaScriptBridge mcz file from the repo. Tests should be green.

  3. There’s no documentation for PharoJS. I have two questions regarding PharoJS:

    1. How do you integrate JavaScript libraries into PharoJS?

    2. How do you integrate HTML/CSS files from a web designer into a PharoJS application?


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